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The Impact of Over-population on the Earth

A place is said to be over populated when the number of people living in it exceeds the carrying capacity of that place. This may be brought about by an increased number of births in relation to a decreased number of deaths. This situation may also be promoted by better medical facilities that provide improved […]

“Singing in the Rain” – Timeless Methods to Stop Wasting Water & Reduce Utility Expenditures.

    Americans are simply terrible about preserving their water. Even though water is our most precious resource, most people in this nation fail to realize how much of it we actually are wasting day in and day out. A recent ASCE Infrastructure Report Card actually graded the American water usage and preservation strategies, giving […]

Who Banned the Plastic Bag?

Plastic bags are not biodegradable and are a cause of pollution both on the land and in the ocean. They clog the wetlands, entangle and kill animals. It is estimated that worldwide people are using up to one trillion plastic bags per year. In an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags, some countries […]

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  • Start a Vegetable Garden

    Starting and keeping a vegetable garden can be very rewarding especially when you start from scratch and eventually enjoy the harvest of your hard work. Food grown organically promotes your health and in the end saves you money. Spinach, carrots, beans, leeks, beetroot, aubergines, bell peppers, cabbages are some of the vegetables that you can […]

  • Mining and Our Planet

    Mining and Our Planet

    Mining is the process by which the ores of some natural resources are removed from the earth for further extraction and refining. Gold, coal, iron and copper are some of the resources that are extracted through mining. However, mining activities have negative impacts on the environment and although steps have been taken by different countries […]

  • Overcome Your Meat Urges

    So have you been trying to be vegan but still have very strong cravings for meat and can’t seem to live without it? Many young vegans find themselves in this place from time to time and it is key to accept that it is very normal and can be overcome. Cravings for meat happen when […]

  • Is Your Wardrobe Vegan Too?

    Is Your Wardrobe Vegan Too?

    A vegan wardrobe is composed of items that are made without animal products or animal parts. A large benefit to wearing vegan clothes is that they guarantee that no animals are were harmed to make the clothing and apparel. To be able to purchase vegan clothes from any retail store you must learn to identify […]

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